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Fresh Air for Tired Quiet Times



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Do you ever feel like there’s a wall between you and God? You pray and get no response. You sit down to read your Bible and your eyes glaze over, or a thousand thoughts come into your mind.

Many things can sabotage our relationship with God: tiredness, stress, busyness, or discouragement. No matter the reason behind spiritual dryness, adding variety or change to my morning quiet time sometimes helps me to sense God’s presence in new ways. Just like opening windows lets fresh air into my home, opening new doors brings renewal into my relationship with God

If you need fresh air in your daily time with God, try one of these ideas:

Make a list what’s bothering you.

If you’re distracted or discouraged, try jotting down everything that’s bothering you; bring each item on the list to God and pray about it. You’ll feel more peaceful and focused afterwards.

Try a Change of Place.

Sit in the living room instead of in the kitchen. Create a prayer nook somewhere in your house. It might be a favorite armchair or desk with helpful items like your Bible, pens, a notebook, or a favorite devotional book nearby. Choose a place in front of a window so you can see outside. Better yet, sit out on your back porch.


Surely worship is God’s love language. Sit quietly and tell God you love him. Sing a few songs to him. Play an instrument. Get loud if that suits you better!

Change position.

Stand, kneel, or lie prostrate in God’s presence for a few moments to remind yourself of how awesome He is.

Vary What You’re Reading.

Read a favorite passage every day for a week until it really sinks in. Carry it with you and meditate on it. Alternatively, read a Psalm each day.

Focus on repentance.

Spend a few minutes asking God to examine your heart and confessing the things He brings to mind. Receive His forgiveness and enjoy the closeness that results in your relationship with Him.

Ask God to speak to you.

If you need guidance, ask God a question and then wait silently until an answer comes to mind. Or try asking him simply, “God, what do you want to say to me right now?” Write down what you think he might be saying.

Get creative. 

Draw a picture, write a poem, or song in response to God and His Word.

Just receive His love.

When I’m worn down spiritually or emotionally, meditating on God’s love refreshes me. I turn to passages like 1 John 4:7-12 or Psalm 36:5-7 and ask God to pour his love into my heart (Romans 5:5).

Write a letter to God.

These are things that work for me when I need a breath of fresh air in my relationship with God. What about you? Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

6 thoughts on “Fresh Air for Tired Quiet Times

  1. Before I read, I always try to humble my assumed reading comprehension abilities, remember that compared to Him, I barely reach newborn babe level, then ask for “wisdom, guidance, and understanding” (both from Him and His Word). He’s our Father and knows what’s best for each of us. As long as we seek for Him and His wisom with our hearts, minds, and bodies, He’ll give us what we need. 🙂

  2. Betsy, your list is so rich. I could hardly believe all the things you thought of, so you know your post refreshed and revived me. I mean, I really feel refreshed and revived from reading your words. Surely God used you to pen exactly what I and others need to hear. Bless you for listening to Him and using the talents and gifts He has given you to minister to us. You are a gem!


  3. I once tried reading from six different places in the Bible, and then I wrote a short summary of each passage. At the end, I tried to find some theme or idea or hope that extended over all or most of the passages. Surprisingly (or not), it wasn’t hard to find an overarching theme. And it really gave me fresh insights into God’s Word and His work.

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