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A Compass for When Life Gets Crazy


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Credit: Calsidyrose (Creative Commons)

Does your life ever get wild and crazy enough to send you into a tailspin? Many of us struggle to balance caring for our families with work or ministry commitments. If your kids are small, caring for them can be overwhelming; if they’re teenagers, they often need special encouragement to thrive and make good choices. Parents serve as part-time chauffeurs, counsellors, and cheerleaders. Then there’s the ongoing job of keeping food in the fridge and meals on the table. Work projects, phone calls, e-mails, social commitments, and lost library books add to the craziness.

Do you ever struggle to keep balance?

Our family lives in the Middle East, so we also face challenges like language learning, fewer household conveniences, visa paperwork, and keeping up with friends in a relationship oriented culture.

I need a compass to give me direction when life gets crazy.

That’s why I wrote a vision statement for my life.  It helps me to keep on track with priorities when life comes at me too fast.  My vision is simple, and I have seven goals to go with it. Each day of the week, I pray for one of my goals.

My Vision Statement:

I want to live for Jesus: to know Him and to make Him known through my character, actions and words. I want to remain in Him and be fruitful.

My goals:

1.  Grow to know God better and act more like Jesus.

2.  Love and encourage my husband.

3.  Model God’s love to my children and help them grow into who God is calling them to be.

4.  Encourage other believers to know God and to serve Him.

5. Share God’s love in my community.

6.  Invest in my personal wellness and growth.

7.  Develop creative skills like writing and teaching.

I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, but every January, I get out my vision statement and review it. For each of my seven goals, I have a few specific, concrete commitments, so I re-examine them, and sometimes add one or two to my list.  Last year scripture memory was my only new baby-step goal, and this year I want to add a 10 minute Pilates session to my morning routine.

I keep my vision statement in my daily planner. Looking at it throughout the year helps me to evaluate where my time is going. Am I spending enough quality time with my kids? Have I made time to reach out to non-believers recently?

Crafting a vision statement may seem daunting.

I wrote mine three years ago in a few 25 minute sessions, using Michael Hyatt’s free e-book, Creating Your Personal Life Plan. I didn’t pressure myself into producing something perfect. I figured an imperfectly drafted vision statement was better than NO vision statement, and I could improve it later. In fact I’ve tweaked it each January since then.

What about you? Are you setting any goals for the new year? Do you have a vision statement?


Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

2 thoughts on “A Compass for When Life Gets Crazy

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  2. I made a vision statement once and then didn’t use it. Your plan of 7 goals and praying through them one a day is a great idea. I am getting the book and seeing if I can do better this time. Thanks for sharing.

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