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Up to My Eyeballs in Life!


This week I’m up to my eyeballs in life! I’m planning my husband’s 60th birthday party,  we’re working to get our new worship center ready for our first Sunday meeting there, and I’m proofreading a chapter from a friend’s dissertation.
So I’m printing a re-post from my archives in case you missed it, friend.  I imagine some of you are up to your eyeballs in life too. As we approach the weekend, let’s stop every once in a while, take a deep breath and open a window for God to come through.

Opening a Window for God When Life Gets Hectic

open window
Photo credit: Driss and Marrionn

Everyday life is full of bumps and jolts. You lose your keys in the bottomless pit of your purse. Your car stops running in the middle of a 4 lane street, and your husband’s out of town. Your teenager is upset with you because you won’t let her go to a Pink Floyd concert in a city 9 hours away. It’s easy to lose your cool.

My days start out calm and quiet. My favorite time of day is the half hour I spend reading my bible and praying. Sometimes I feel like God is right there in the kitchen with me, and I can almost hear Him speaking to me as I read. Then my day gets started, and when the leak that we’ve already had repaired three times starts up again in the bathroom, God goes out the window.  I pretty much forget all about Him and the things I heard Him say to me in the morning.

That’s why I write breath prayers.

A breath prayer is a one sentence prayer that I can recall automatically when my mind is too full to think of anything else. Most mornings during my time with God, I write a short prayer based on a scripture I read. Other days it’s a heartfelt response to whatever I’m going through.  Here are a few of the short prayers I’ve written for myself:

“I love you, O Lord, my strength.”  (Psalm 18)

“Lord, bless me and keep me. Make your face shine on me.”  (Numbers 6:23)

“Lord, may your joy be my strength.”  (Nehemiah 8:10)

“Holy Spirit, come and fill me.”

“Lord, I want to embrace the life you have for me today.”

“Not my way, but yours.”

Later during the day, as I run down the three flights of stairs in our apartment building, I remember my breath prayer. When my teenagers blow up at me, or the afternoon witching hour when I cook dinner and everyone’s grouchy seems particularly hard, it helps just to say a quick prayer like, “Come Lord Jesus, and give me your peace.” It’s my way of opening a window for God to come in.

Do I remember and use these short prayers every day?

Honestly, no. Many days I write a prayer in the morning and forget all about it until the next day. Other days my breath prayer comes to mind easily, and it really helps me to connect with God when life gets busy and hectic.

Either way, whether I remember or forget, God is there waiting for me to come to Him.  He doesn’t miss a single heartbeat, whether I’m thinking of Him or not.

Can you relate to forgetting God when life gets out of control?  What helps you to stay connected?


Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

6 thoughts on “Up to My Eyeballs in Life!

  1. Relating perfectly to this. It’s ironic you say Breathe prayer….I try to literally just breathe deeply the name “jesus” — you know, the way they tell you to breathe in a yoga class (Unfortunately I am not a yoga go-er though ) I also look UP if I am outside, especially driving. It reminds me how GREAT my maker is.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Betsy. I feel terrible after several busy hours go by at work and I realized I haven’t given our Savior a single thought. He never stopped thinking of me as He suffered on the cross.
    But I believe He wants us to live up to the responsibilities we are given in life too, and sometimes that requires the full concentration of our minds. But when I’m off task, I often just say softly like Tracey, Jesus, to keep the connection.
    My best trick for consciously staying present to God in the midst of my day is forming habits for prayer. My favorite one: Since I try not to take the elevators at work, I always have quiet and solitude in the stairwells. Every time I walk the stairs it’s prayer time.

  3. Breath prayers. I love it! I can relate to those daily experiences of life. Thanks, Betsy, for encouraging me to acknowledge God throughout my day!

  4. Thinking of you, Betsy, and praying for you in the busyness of the week, that you would know the presence of your Savior in the middle of it all!

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