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Hope for When You Hit the Wall


DSCN8589My heart sank, and I gulped hard when I dropped my husband off at the metro station. Jose left for a two week trip, and as I drove home I mentally went through all that could go wrong during his absence.

I remembered the infamous trip when the electrically-powered car window fell open by itself the minute I dropped him off at the airport. Two days after I had the window repaired, the toilet stopped up, and unbelievably we locked the bathroom door from the inside and couldn’t open it!

Do you know how dumb you feel calling a plumber to say, “The toilet is stopped up, and we can’t get the bathroom door open”?

My heart weighed heavy as I thought about two weeks without my best friend and helpmate. I remembered the watch word I’ve been repeating to myself since January: “I can do all things through Christ,” but at that moment I didn’t feel like I could do much more than go crawl under a rock and hide there until my husband returned.

I felt like I’d hit a wall.

Do you ever feel like that? Your wall may look different than mine. Maybe you are facing:

  • A baby that won’t sleep through the night
  • A chronically ill child
  • A boss that has it in for you
  • Conflict in your marriage

When you hit a wall, how do you move from wanting to hide under a rock to believing, “I can do all things through Christ”?

Call on Christ

I often forget that just saying the name “Jesus” can turn my situation around. It shifts my attention away from my wall towards God’s wonderful grace. Just say his name and ask Him to come. He’s the Giver of new strength and joy, and he’ll respond if you call out his name.

Ask Him to Pour on His Power

My own strength falls short, but God’s Word says that his power rests on my weakness. So I ask him to pour it on. I need his power to face a ranting teenager or a marital conflict. I need his strength to push past discouragement, so I say a simple prayer: “Fill me with your Spirit, Lord.” And He does.

Walk Forward by Faith

When you hit a wall, it’s tempting just to park yourself in front of it and give up. But even the most overwhelming obstacles can be overcome one step at a time. Not sure what to do? Do the next thing in front of you. Your next thing might be reading one more story to a cranky child. It might be making one more phone call.  The next thing in front of you might be going to work one more day or choosing to see the best in your husband one more time. Just do the next thing, and before you know it, you’ll that realize God got you through it step by step.

These are three steps I’m taking every day to face kids, home school, and other responsibilities while my husband’s gone. Whatever wall you’re facing, don’t give up hope. You can do all things through Christ.

Angie Ryg

Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

13 thoughts on “Hope for When You Hit the Wall

  1. That’s how I am moving forward too. May God strengthen you as you surrender in weakness and rest in His power.

  2. Mark just returned from 3 1/2 weeks out of the country. that made a grand total of being gone from home for 39 days this year – before the end of Feb!! and it was harder for me emotionally than it’s ever been. it wasn’t until i began to look past what i feared, to what God IS doing each day in His care for us, focusing on His nearness and His promised presence, that i could sleep soundly at night, and know the joy of His goodness. these separations are hard! but they are also opportunities for God to prove again His sufficiency for us. praying that He’ll be very near to you, Betsy!

    • Jose comes back in just 3 days now. Wow, 39 days in two months is A LOT, Barbara. For some reason I found the separation to be more difficult emotionally this time than usual. But like you say, it is a time to focus on the nearness and promised presence of God.

  3. Betsy, you are so transparent and your “struggles” are so common to all of us. I appreciate so much your ways to have victory in difficult situations. I love and appreciate your writing.

  4. Such good stuff here, Betsy! Thank you for this: “When you hit a wall, it’s tempting just to park yourself in front of it and give up. But even the most overwhelming obstacles can be overcome one step at a time.”


  5. What an encouraging message, Betsy! You give me practical tips to follow–much needed instruction for those days when life just seems tough. Praying for you, dear friend, that the Lord watch over you and Jose and your kids–and everything your life touches–while Jose is away.

  6. Good word Betsy! Thank you for the reminders and the encouragement!

  7. Good reminder as I try to learn/relearn all the information for my American Family Practice boards recertification test next month. If I pass or if I don’t pass I will praise Him. And know that he can help me pass like last time, if it is what is best.

    • Blessings on your test, Kris! I imagine preparing for them is a challenge with everything else you have on your plate. May Christ come and pour his power on you!

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