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Feeling Insignificant? Bloom Where You’re Planted!


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As I finally fell into bed on day #184 of our homeschool year, I wondered if what I was doing really mattered.  I thought back over my day. Except for keeping two teenagers from killing each other, I’d done nothing earth-shaking or remarkable.

After breakfast, I hustled the kids to get out their books, checked math, and revised two compositions. I threw a load of laundry into the machine between a science video and a history lesson, and slapped lunch on the table. Later I did a few chores, met a friend for coffee, and rushed to make dinner. Tomorrow would be pretty much the same. Was I making a difference?

Maybe when my kids graduated from high school, I’d also graduate to more important tasks than folding laundry and grocery shopping.  Maybe I’d get a real job. Or I’d be able to serve God full-time in a ministry that made a difference in people’s lives.  As I drifted off to sleep I started dreaming about possibilities, but the next morning I woke up to the same ho-hum job.

Can You Relate?

Whether you’re showing up at the same desk from day to day or serving three meals and snacks to toddlers, if you’re like me, you sometimes wonder if your work really matters.  Maybe you wish you had a more fulfilling role or ministry.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

The truth is that God has us right where He wants us today, so we might as well bloom where we’re planted. Just like an insignificant dandelion brings a bit of beauty to the spot where it grows, you have an essential contribution to make in your corner of the world. That little flower shows God’s glory, and you were created in God’s image to be his representative to the world around you.

You were created with a mission, so embrace it wherever you are.  Put your whole heart into rocking that baby or toddler to sleep. Love on him all you can.

You were created to shine in your corner of the world. Show God’s glory to those tweens and teens in your carpool.

You’re the light of the world, so let your good works shine before the office mate sitting next to you. Let your good works shine before your husband the next time he asks you for a favor, and you feel you’ve already run yourself ragged serving your family.

You’re an ambassador for Christ. Remember that when you stand in front of your students, sit in an office meeting, or wait in line at the grocery store.

Your ministry may not look like much to you, but it’s what God has given you to do right now, and when you do it for Him, it becomes a precious offering.

“And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” ( Colossians 3:17)

What does your work look like from day to day or week to week?


This is part 4 of a 5 part series on Mondays called “Beautiful, Amazing You.”

Part 1: Beauty That Goes Beyond Skin Deep
Part 2: Beautiful, Amazing You: Deeply Loved
Part 3: Your True Identity: Dishwasher, Mom, or Princess?


Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

14 thoughts on “Feeling Insignificant? Bloom Where You’re Planted!

  1. This is really good to hear! Thanks, Betsy!

  2. Oh, yes, I felt that way when I was mostly “just” taking care of kids, folding laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, making meals, packing lunches every morning. But now, Betsy, thinking of you in that same stage of life, I hope you believe you are doing one of THE most important jobs in the world! Never doubt it! Caring for your kids is a blessed, God-given ministry! When my kids were growing up, God impressed upon me that in only a few brief years, they’d be out of the house and on their own, and then I could do all the professional things and ministry things that I wanted. That perspective helped me cherish the time I had my kids at home, and they were the best years of my life. And indeed, since becoming an empty-nester, I have gotten to participate in many ministries and activities.
    Be of good cheer!

    • Thanks, Linda. I’m amazed that my son only has another year and a half at home… I don’t even want to think about him leaving, but God has a time for everything.

  3. I LOVE your reminder that we are representatives of Christ in the world and that we are the light of the world who should let our good works shine! It was especially important to remind me of those sentiments at work this week. Thank you, Betsy!
    Also- you make more of a difference than you may realize. You touch a lot of people with the message of God’s love.

  4. Now I know why you post “Beautiful, Amazing You” on Mondays – because that’s when I need the reminder most! And I’m sure there are others who feel the same way! Thanks, Betsy!

  5. I am on the couch trying to “rest” after a crazy day at school where I had lunch during a meeting, my specials time was another meeting with a psychologist to see how to support a student, and now on the family room couch trying to read for my class tomorrow night. I sometimes feel in survival mode. When I saw the flower you posted and made the connection to your comment on being an ambassador of Christ in front of my students, it reminded me that it is not just busy work but leaving a legacy. One of my students (an 8 year old) told me today that he accepted the Grace of God yesterday and went up to the pulpit to meet the pastor and receive his Bible. Them he came back to share that he started a Bible study with his friends on Saturday mornings. Before going home my sweet Mac came back to share he read the Bible for 15 minutes this morning before school, and he was going to read tonight again. In a public school in USA this is something to be grateful for and encouraging to be the best Ambassador of Christ I can be. Thanks Betsy for your words!

    • Amen, Adriana! You have a REALLY challenging job, I know, but you are making a difference in your students’ lives for sure. Hang in there and keep at it, sister! May God give you times of rest and recovery.

  6. Muchas gracias, necesitaba palabras como estas de aliento. El le siga uasando.

  7. Thanks for your post. Housecleaning and dishwashing is character building but also a great time to think through things and write posts in my head that never make it to my blog. My daughter must be the same age as your son. We are working hard on getting ready for her SAT test. It is a season that I am thankful for but hard. Thanks for your encouragement.

    • Hi TJ. It’s true that housework is a good monotonous task that allows for thinking! Yes, my son takes the SAT May 3rd. And yes, the last years of home school high school make for a hard season…

  8. As a former homeschooling mom, I applaud all of you who homeschool. It is such a tremendous calling and one that will bless your children (and you) for the rest of your lives.

    Betsy, I love this whole series. We need to constantly be reminded how God uses our every effort–whether typical or extraordinary–to bring Him glory. We will never see this side of heaven what our faithful obedience to God’s call produces in the lives of others. But just knowing that we bring a smile to God’s face when we follow His plan–even if that plan seems only to be laundry and cooking and cleaning–should be enough to bring joy to our hearts.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Betsy! A beautiful way to start my day.

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