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Building Community: Let’s Get to Know Each Other


Today’s post is different than usual. I’m sharing my new “About” page, so you can get to know me and my blog better. I’d love to get to know you too. Please leave a comment to tell me a bit about yourself. If you have a blog, leave a link for your about page too!


me pic for blogHi, I’m Betsy. I love dark roast coffee and home schooling. I want my faith to spill over into my every day, even during the bumpy moments, like when you have a family blow-up with fireworks during breakfast.

I’m passionate about enjoying God.  I want to know Him better. I’m also passionate about enjoying the one life He’s given me. I try to open my eyes wider to see beyond my crazy, stress-filled moments and recognize the gifts God gives me every day.

Thanks for stopping by here today. I’m honored that you read what I write.

My goal for this blog is to communicate that God loves you to the moon and back. I believe He’s given you a special mission to reflect Him in your corner of the world: at home, in the workplace, and in your community. I want this blog to be a place where we can encourage each other to get more of God’s Word in so our faith can spill out.

I know what it’s like to feel encouraged and touched by God during Sunday worship, and then to fall apart on Wednesday when you can’t find your car in the parking lot, you’ve lost your keys anyway, and it’s 110 degrees outside.

I know what it’s like to be at odds with your husband over a decision.

I’m living proof that God’s grace and love cover our mess-ups and get us through the hard days. We can’t always see it, but He’s weaving together all the crazy, rough moments with the glorious and hopeful to make something beautiful of our lives.

family picture edited

I post on Tuesdays and Fridays about:

  • You and God
  • Family
  • Joy in the Daily Grind
  • Simple Disciplines
  • Self-Care
  • Real Life

If you’d like to join our community here, enter your e-mail address in the box at the top of the sidebar.

You’ll get fresh installments of Faith Spilling Over twice a week.


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Here’s a bit more about me.

I’m a pastor’s wife, married to the most patient man on earth, and I’m set on enjoying our two teenagers while we still have them with us. We live in the Middle East.  I love living here, but I sometimes bump into cross-cultural glitches, like drummers waking you at 3:00 a.m. every night during Ramadan. Most days I feel blessed and privileged to be here; other times I want to pull out my hair and catch the next plane home. Living in a Muslim country can challenge my faith, but morning coffee time with God keeps me thriving and happy.

I love:

    • Laughing with my husband
    • Talking with my teenagers
    • Learning almost anything
    • Reading and writing
    • Playing board games
    • Making new friends and spending time with old ones
    • Cooking for friends
    • Traveling

Now it’s your turn. I want to get to know you too. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you live, what you do, what you love. If you have a blog, leave me a link to YOUR about page.

Linking up with Holly Barrett’s Testimony Tuesday, Meredith Bernard’s Woman2Woman, and Holley Gerth’s Coffee for Your Heart


Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

27 thoughts on “Building Community: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

  1. Love it! Great page! I need to rework mine – gotta set aside some time one of these days and do a refresh. Good for you!

  2. Love the introduction! Reminds me…I really ought to work on my “about me” page. But for what it’s worth, here’s my current one. 😉

  3. It looks great! I didn’t realize you lived in the Middle East–that must provide endless challenges and unexpected joys :). I’m with you on the dark roast coffee (only I switched to decaf)–I think it’s the ritual of the preparation and savoring that keeps me drinking it. I’ve recently added a few things to our About page (I blog with a writing buddy).

  4. Betsy, I so enjoyed this post & getting to “know” you. So glad you shared this today!

  5. Hello Betsy, I’ve only just found your blog so it was wonderful to receive this welcome and introducing post today! I love how you have been so real in sharing how you know the same challenges that we all do with life, lost car keys and the like! I live in the UK, with my husband and three boys where I want to love them well and help them experience their own relationship moments with Jesus. I love hot coffee, enjoying wild nature, baking & making, and sharing my contemplative journey.
    Here’s my about page, which is perhaps a bit short….what else would you like to know when you visit there?

    • Hi, Friend. I like baking and making too! (And contemplative journeys.) Thanks so much for taking the time to share about yourself. I look forward to visiting your About page.

  6. Betsy, love this idea! It’s so good to get to know one another better. I appreciate your honesty too! I had no idea that you live in the Middle East…what an amazing opportunity God has given you all for kingdom work. Prayers for safety and blessings on all that you do. Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday.

  7. Hi Betsy, I’m so glad I hopped over from Holly’s. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you and hear about your ministry. I’d love to have you join us at the Blessing Counters Linkup each Friday. Many blessings to you as you serve Him and make His praises known.

  8. Love getting to know you more. What a beautiful family you have there. You are beyond blessed! A little about me since you asked: I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m from Ohio. I am a stay at home wife, for now. Now that it is cooling off here and am loving my morning walks and talks with Jesus. Blessings to you my friend.

    • Thanks, Barbara, for the info about yourself. Phoenix, Arizona! Just north of where I grew up: El Paso, Texas aka desert country. Now I hail from Austin. Enjoy those morning walks.

  9. This is so fabulous of you to host everyone’s About pages! I’m jealous because I didn’t think of it. I love this idea so much!

    I am a life and happiness enthusiast, voracious reader, full-time working mom, and writer. I share inspiration and ideas to improve our quality of life and help other busy moms live a happier and better life. My site is Prayerful Mom, which will soon be renamed Happier Better Life.

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s info and getting to “know” them! Thank you, Betsy!

    • Thanks for your great comment, Deborah. I didn’t know you liked to read! I do too, but don’t find as much time as I used to for it. I’m hopping over to your about page too!

  10. Oh what a great idea. Redoing my about me page has been in the forefront of my blogging to-do list. Nice to get to know more about you and very interesting to find you are currently living in the middle east. You’ve already viewed mine:

  11. Hey Betsy! I love that picture of your family. It reminds me of how fast teenagers seem to turn into adults!!

  12. Hi Betsy, I think I’ve introduced myself before, but I will do it again. 🙂 We live north of you, near the Black Sea. We have been here for about 12 years, with some of those years spent in the US. We have two children who were 7 and 10 when we moved here, but now they are young adults and are back in the US. Translation and English teaching are our main tasks here. I enjoy your blog very much!

  13. This is great, Besty!! You are such a beautiful soul and I’m so blessed we were able to meet in person at She Speaks…how awesome! You are also a great encouragement to me and so many others. Thank you for spilling your faith over for all of us to soak up and in…wish we could sit down over coffee together, that would be a treat. 😉 Love you!

  14. Betsy,
    So glad to meet you via Meredith’s link-up…wow, a whole month of being awaken at 3:30 am ….we share similar “loves” when it comes to laughing with our respective husbands, reading and writing…Nice to meet you 🙂

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