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Sacred Starts to Your Day


Fresh Starts and New Mercies 5

Welcome to Fresh Starts and New Mercies!

Today’s guest is Asherita Ciuciu writing about how we can connect with God in new, creative ways.

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Asheritah is a Romanian writer, speaker, and blogger who helps overwhelmed women find joy in Jesus. She writes at, sharing devotionals, videos, and Scripture art as well as practical solutions to overcome struggles in our faith walk. She’d love for you to join her on her blog to share a streusel blueberry muffin and hear your story of faith.






Sacred starts to your day

Before my feet even touch the floor, the battle’s waging in my mind.

Should I get up or sleep in a few more minutes? What am I going to wear today? Oh, nothing fits me! I’ve gained so much weight. Why can’t I just be eat less and exercise more? And Suzy is going to be at the get-together tonight. She always looks so put-together. I bet she never…

Sound familiar?

The ongoing dialog, informed by the media’s half-truths about what we need to do to be pretty and successful can leave us exhausted and defeated before we’ve even started our day.

Which is why we need the Word of Truth to guide us through this minefield of lies into green pastures.

Guided into green pastures

So how can time with God become something we really look forward to, like a Starbucks break on a long day of errands?

Here are a few ways that can help us cherish these sacred starts to our day:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

There is no right or wrong way to spend time with Jesus, as long as you seek Him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13). Before you even get started, it’s vitally important to understand that your time with God will look different from your mom’s or your sister’s or your best friend’s. And that’s ok.

2. Connect with God as He created YOU to

Ask yourself: How do I best listen to what God is saying and respond back? Use the Bible, of course, but don’t limit yourself to reading a Bible story and checking “devotions” off your list. You’re engaging with the God of the universe here, not doing homework. Be creative and partner with the Spirit as you explore new ways to read the Bible, pray, worship, and fellowship with the Spirit that make sense for your personality and season in life. For a list of helpful ideas, check out The Ultimate List of Creative Ways to Connect with God.

3. Get group accountability

This was a game-changer for me. For years I struggled to have a consistent time of Bible study and prayer; I’d do well for a few days or weeks and then skip one day, which led to another, and on, and on…. But three years ago I joined an online Bible study group and, my life has literally changed. I’m so much more consistent because I know those dear ladies are cheering me on. If you’re not involved in an accountability group, you can find several here.

I used to overcomplicate this process and make it into a rigid ritual; I had to focus really hard to “get in the zone” with Jesus. And that resulted in boring devotions that didn’t do much to connect me with Jesus; they simply piled on the guilt and feelings of failure. (For a sneak peek at how my “daily devotions” used to go and a resource to help you abide in Christ when reading the Bible isn’t an option, check out this humorous video.)

But there is hope: God promises that He will draw near to those who draw near to Him (James 4:8). So today, if you only do one thing, do this: make a move toward God.

Now it’s your turn: What helps you to connect with God?

Linking up with Holly BarrettKelly Balarie, Meredith Bernard, and Holley Gerth. Check out their communities for encouragement.


Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

23 thoughts on “Sacred Starts to Your Day

  1. I love the idea of connecting afresh with our Lord! Asheritah it is a pleasure to know more about you. My husband is actually Romanian. 😉 This was a great post and I loved the images that were so beautiful. I want to get creative with the God of the Universe! Fabulous ladies, fabulous! XOXO (Betsy, you must be an early riser too!)

    • Kelly, what a joy to meet you! It’s so neat to meet people who have a connection to Romania because there just aren’t many of us out there. 🙂 And just so you know, I’m naturally a night owl, so I often have a hard time waking up early in the morning, which is why I love that God wants us to connect with Him in so many different ways throughout the day!

    • Hi there, Kelly! I loved these ideas too. Didn’t know your husband is Romanian! By the way, I do get up at 5:30, but not as early as you think. I live in Izmir, Turkey (Istanbul time zone). 🙂

  2. I love to draw close to God by going on a “prayer walk” with my dogs. They walk and do their doggie thing and I spend that time in prayer and conversation with God…my mind still wanders, but I gently bring it back to the purpose for my walk. Thanks for sharing with us on Betsy’s blog!

  3. Love this – and especially loved the list of creative ways to connect with God.

  4. Before my feet even touch the floor, the battle’s waging in my mind.

    Oh yeah…some days can start like this and we have to choose to refocus on God and His love and truth that sets and keeps us free. Thanks for sharing. And thanks, Betsy, for this great blogging find. Blessings to you both…

  5. Oh, you had me with the first sentence! That has described me the past few mornings! When I have those thoughts, I try immediately to remember to offer thanksgiving for even waking up! Thank you! Great tips!

    • Yes! It’s a daily battle to renew our minds, one I had to fight even this morning. Thank you for your kind comment and encouragement! Many blessings to you as you continue to seek Him!

  6. I love the sentence, “You’re engaging with the God of the universe here, not doing homework.” Engaging with Him when I open my eyes in the morning would help me from saying all those things that defeat me before I’m even out of bed. I felt like you’d had a peek into my thoughts. Many blessings Asheritah! Looking forward to getting to know you at your house. 🙂 Thank you Betsy for sharing this with us.

    • It’s something I have to keep reminding myself every day, Deb. It’s so easy to slip into “homework” mode and forget who I’m worshiping in the first place. It’s so great to be journeying with so many wonderful ladies here at Betsy’s place. 🙂

    • So glad you stopped by Deb. I liked that sentence too! Sometimes I get into a rut where it feels like homework!

  7. Beautiful words and image. THANK YOU for the reminder to seek the Word of Truth.

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  9. Love the simplicity of this. Sometimes we make our God time too complicated!

  10. If you only do one thing-make a move toward God! That is a big “Amen” Asheritah! I loved your ideas today and I do know how accountability is an important piece. Thank you for sharing and I am glad you are featured here today at Betsy’s place. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Blessings!

  11. I think I do best with group studies. I need the conversation and accountability!

  12. Early morning quiet…before the sun and everyone else is up. Just solitude with my Lord. I love your post on creative ways to connect with God. I’ll have to read them all later and take it all in. Thanks for the encouragement, Asheritah!

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