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When You Need a Place to Hide


hiding placeDo you ever wish you had a secret hiding place? Somewhere to go and get away from the responsibilities and stresses of life? On those traffic jam, late-to-work, bill-paying, grocery-shopping, stop at-the-doctor’s-office-days? Wouldn’t a secret place to go and hide be wonderful?

Scripture calls God our hiding place.

David had much bigger problems than mine when he wrote Psalm 17. He was surrounded by enemies, and he prayed desperately:

“Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” (Psalm 17:8)

I’m not facing a life-threatening situation like David was, but to get ready for each day, I need time in my secret hiding place with God. My living room couch becomes my special hideout. I read scripture, think about the day ahead, and spend time journaling or praying. (These days I’m having fun and gaining insight into God’s Word by coloring up my Bible and doodling in it with colored pencils.)

Have you taken time to rest in His hiding place today? As you spend time with God, He’ll remind you of two things:

You’re the apple of His eye:

You’re His treasure, his prized possession. Think about how important your own eyes are to you. Wouldn’t you do anything possible to take care of them? That’s how God prizes you. He’ll care for you. You are safe, guarded, and kept in His love.

You’re hidden in the shadow of His wings:

Doesn’t shade provide blessed relief from the burning sun on a scorching day? God hides us under His shadow. What secure place to be. In the shadow of His wings, we find:

  • Rest when we’re tired
  • Refreshment for our souls
  • Encouragement from His Word
  • Love to fill our hearts
  • Peace in all circumstances
  • Joy in the midst of trial
  • Strength for our day

The best thing about our hiding place in God is that it follows us into our busy days. We’re kept under the shadow of His wings. We easily forget, but even on the busiest days, a five minute break to rest again in His hiding place works wonders for a tired or stressed soul.

And on those days when morning time with God just isn’t part of our reality? He’s always waiting for us to check into our Hiding Place, even for a few minutes, anytime we want.

Now it’s your turn: Where’s your favorite place to get away with God for a while?

I’m linking up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday. Writers all around the world join in a flash mob of free writing. Five minutes. No editing. This week’s prompt is “Hide.” Join us over at Kate’s place for fun and encouragement.

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Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

26 thoughts on “When You Need a Place to Hide

  1. My couch is often my secret hiding place, too. I love the idea here that God finds us wherever we are, whenever we need Him. 🙂

  2. I need to re-evaluate my secret, hiding place/time! I have two young kids and I’m rarely alone. My bible moves all over the house and any study that I’m working on. Thank you so much for putting the exclamation point on how badly I need to make it a priority!! I’m desperate for some quiet so that I can hear His voice.

    • Oh Meg, I know how you feel. This very afternoon my kids have been chasing me all around the house (and there teens). But with young kids it was pretty much that way every day. I’m praying for you now, Meg, that God will open up a space or time for you to get some quiet.

  3. Betsy, I have often referred to my car as “my sanctuary”. It is there I so often listen to music, pray or read. For some reason, closed up in there, He so often meets me. But I am grateful, He meets me wherever I need Him. Blessings today!

  4. I find that some of my best prayers are in the shower because usually my kids aren’t in the bathroom with me… 😉 My favorite place to be is outside, though, when it’s quiet or I only hear the sounds of nature. I truly do feel connected to Him though the beauty of creation. This is a lovely post, Betsy. Have a great weekend.

    • The shower! I’m getting all kinds of great ideas from these comments. Do you know Abby, I also feel like God often speaks to me or gives me ideas in the shower. You have a good weekend yourself. Hope you have the chance to take a few long showers and get outside too! 🙂

  5. I’ve never come across this verse before–what a beautiful promise. I’m the apple of his eye AND his keeps me hidden. I know I’ve heard the second one before and I rest in it all the time. But, ME the apple of HIS eye! What a beautiful promise!

  6. Betsy, your post is unbelievably timely. This morning I was doing an errand prior to having a long-awaited coffee date with a friend. My phone rang — it was my daughter’s school. She had had a huge outburst — could I come get her and take her home? I dropped the stuff I was planning to buy in the store … I phoned my friend to cancel … I had to call a cab to take me home so I could get to the school quicker. We are home now, everything is ok, and the feeling of stress is overwhelming. I sat down and read a post on a special needs blog about seeking God’s comfort and shelter when the tornado strikes. Then I read your post, also about finding refuge in God. I needed this so much today … thank you.

    • Oh Jeannie, what a day you’ve had. I’m praying for you now, that God will be your SHELTER. How frustrating to miss the coffee date, and then the stress of it all. I hope you’ll enjoy a quiet moment or two during your weekend.

  7. Reading your words, Betsy, made me feel so loved by God. Thanks. Great start to the weekend!! Hugs…

  8. Hi Betsy! The older I get, the more I realize how important it is for me to maintain a level of peace in my heart. If I don’t have it, or give into sadness, my days are sad affairs. The only way I can keep that peace is to spend moments with my God in silence. We can sit together and just be. And I am filled with His peace. Ah…then the day can begin 🙂

    • Yes, Ceil, just sitting in the quiet with God does wonders! I’m like you, as I’ve grown (almost 51 now!) I find I need more frequent refueling to keep a good level of peace and joy.

  9. Thank you for another beautiful post, Betsy. As an introvert, I find special meaning in needing a place to hide, alone with God. Although I complain sometimes having to be a working mom, when I’d prefer to be home with my children, I am very blessed. I have my own office for (some) privacy, so I can even pray out loud at work.
    But my favorite places to hide away with God are my backyard patio and my church. The church is open till midnight on certain days, and almost no one is ever there. It fills me with peace.

    • Deborah, I’ve always been an extrovert, but as I, ahem, mature, I find myself needing a bit more time alone than I used to. The backyard patio sounds lovely. I would also love having an open church nearby. In my college days, I would slip into the open churches on campus and sit a while.

  10. I always look forward to your posts. They are beautiful to my eyes and refreshing for my heart!

  11. Betsy, I’m so happy I got to be your neighbor at weekend brew this week! I’m so thankful that we are the apple of God’s eye. Just as it’s reflexive and instinctive to protect our eyes, it’s God’s instinct to care for us!

    • I’d never actually thought until I looked it up in several translations that it does mean he cares for us. I’d always thought it just meant we were precious, which is also true! Blessings to you.

  12. How much more joy and peace there would be if I remembered I was the apple of God’s eye. Love the list of benefits when we hide in the shadow of His wings.

  13. This is beautiful! I needed the reminder that I am the Apple of God’s eye. I am so thankful that I can hide in Him, no matter what is happening around me. I find those quiet times in my car on the way to work, or in the shower! Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Brew!

    • You are the Apple of His Eye, friend! The car and that shower are great hideouts, aren’t they! It caught my attention that several women mentioned getting quiet time in those two places!

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