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10 Wonderful Reasons You Can Celebrate Today.


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We all long to be free. Kids at school squirm and watch the clock, itching for the 3:30 bell to ring finally, so they can be free to run, jump, and ride their bikes home. Tired mothers dream of freedom from diaper duty. Stressed business executives look forward to the freedom that comes with a vacation. Oppressed people strive to be free from tyranny.

Locked inside each human heart is a yearning to be free. Freedom eludes us. It’s just around the corner. Something we long for, but can’t quite attain.

The Gospel brings good news: We’ve already been set free. That’s something to celebrate.

Here are 10 freedoms that we can celebrate today.

1. Jesus came to set us free from sin and addiction.

2. We’re free from condemnation, judgment, criticism, and fears of “what will they think?”

3. We’re free to be the people God created us to be.

4. We’re free to be transformed into His image.

5. We’re free to let go of sin and be filled with Holy Spirit power.

6. We’re free to let go of bitterness and choose to forgivene.

7. We’re free to love and serve others without expectations of what they’ll do for us.

8. We’re free to change our expectations when our day doesn’t go as we planned.

9. We’re free to embrace grace when we fail.

10. Jesus set us free from death. It has no power over us. Heaven is our surest hope.

where the spirit of the Lord is

Remembering my freedoms in Christ gives me hope for transformation. I want God to have free reign in my heart. I’m free to let go of criticizing and judging others. I’m free to leave off complaining and embrace gratitude instead. I’m free to let go of the need to be in control. I’m free to be transformed as I let God be in control.

I’m taking a minute to stop and let the truth of my freedom in Christ sink in. I have reasons to celebrate!

Now it’s your turn: What does the word “free” mean to you?

I’m linking up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday. Writers all around the world join in a flash mob of free writing. This week’s prompt is “Free.” Join us over at Kate’s place for fun and encouragement. Also joining with Susan B. Mead’s #DancewithJesus, and Barbie Swihart’s Weekend Brew.

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Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

38 thoughts on “10 Wonderful Reasons You Can Celebrate Today.

  1. Beautiful post! Though if asked for my top reason, right now, it would have been Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drinks. Well, I’m thirsty.

    To me, free means that if there is a knock on the door at 5 am, it’s just the guy across the street who needs to get his truck jump-started.

    Free means I can write what I want, and even say “I believe in GOD!”, and no one is going to arrest me.

    Free means I can take in lost and frightened Pit Bulls, and no one is going to come along and say, “Those dogs are a MENACE, we’re here to kill them.”

    Free means that every day I think of friends whom I left dead in places you would not care to visit., because they cared enough to be there doing their jobs when death arrived.

  2. wonderful post, may you be blessed.

  3. i enjoyed your post today betsy. great reminders of the freedom we have:) did you find someone to sublet your apt?

    • Yes, Martha, WE DID! And God knew just what He was doing because the day after we found someone to sublet, we found out that my husband would havaae to leave Turkey 3 weeks earlier than I would! So I’m GIVING THANKS that I don’t have to move out of here by myself with the kids! 🙂

  4. Betsy, your list is so good. Such a wonderful reminder of all that we have in Christ. I really love that we are free to embrace grace when we fail. That has always been hard for me. I’m such a perfectionist. Yet, there is grace when we fail. I’m so thankful for that. Popping in from FMF.

  5. Betsy- What a great list! I think my favorite today is #4. Free to be transformed. The power of sin can’t stop God’s work in me. That is so powerful. Thanks for sharing your gift here. It’s a blessing. ~Happy Friday!

    • Karen, the free to be transformed is HUGE with me. God spoke it to me in a special way 2 or 3 years ago. Instead of being down about getting older, I can rejoice because His work in me means I’ll be MORE beautiful, at least on the inside, where it counts!

  6. Betsy, yes, I have to stop my everything-is-on-my shoulders-self, and say, “No it isn’t, I’ve been set free”! I love your ten points. And I love reading your words.
    blessings ~

  7. Ahh my friend. Once again your inspiring words have touched me. I love that all of the reasons are focused on our Lord. This list applies to every single person no matter where they live.

  8. Every one of these is a great truth. Thank you for reminding me. This list gets a place in my Intentional Living: Abide board to remind me of important truths to live by.

  9. Betsy,
    My life verses talk about being set free, Isaiah 61:1-3. To me being free means having an open mind and an open spirit to receive from God then to LIVE OUT the life He designed for me. Happy to join you from #dancewithJesus linkup.

  10. I love this list — and am so thankful for your perspective on this walk with Christ.

  11. Great ways to celebrate today, Betsy. For some reason #9 really stands out to me… maybe because I fail often. Bless you sweet friend. It’s always a joy to visit you!

  12. Oh Betsy, thank you for the reminders of all the freedom we have through Christ Jesus! He reigns. Susan

  13. What wonderful good words! Thanks for these reminders! Happy Friday to you!

  14. Betsy, this turns everything on its head when we put the emphasis on our freedom rather than on the limitations and challenges of life.

  15. Love this list of our freedoms, Betsy. They would make a good inspiration post.

  16. Ah, sweet post, Betsy. A breath of fresh air for my migraine-headed self this morning. Number 3 sits peacefully on my heart this morning: “Free to be the people God created us to be.” Thanks for reminding me of that. 🙂 What does “free” mean to me? Hmmm. One of my favorite Bible verses (Gal. 5:1) says: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” That verse reminds me that I don’t need to live in bondage to the stronghold of fear (an issue for me, sigh). He didn’t set me free, so that I could enslave myself to something else…something far less worthy. ~ Thanks for sharing this morning, Betsy. Always enjoy your posts. ~ ((hug))

    • Bless your heart. Migraines are terrible! I’m a little headachey myself today–heat–but nothing like a migraine. I LOVE that Galatians verse. Thanks for your encouragement.

  17. AMEN! Christ has given us so much in the way of freedom.

  18. Another great one Betsy! Thank you so much for encouraging me today!

  19. Today I give thanks I’m free fears of the fears of “‘what will they think?'” and “free to be [who] God created [me] to be.” Thank you, Betsy, for words that bring lightness to my step as I walk in the freedom of God.

  20. Betsy,
    Great post…Today I’m thankful God longs to give me freedom and I’m learning to walk more and more in it …thanks for your words 🙂

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