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When Helping Hands Show Up


Finding God in your everyday

Welcome to “Finding God in Your Everyday,” an August blog series. Each Tuesday a special guest will share a story highlighting how God shows himself to us in our everyday, messy lives. This week my talented friend Katie Reid shares her story about real-life “angels.

When Helping Hands Show Up

Sometimes angels come in the form of a sister-in-law with latex gloves, cleaning supplies and a willingness to help.

I wasn’t planning on attending two writing conferences on back-to-back weekends. We weren’t anticipating closing on our house while I was gone and then moving the week between the conferences. But that’s what happened.

I was exhausted and frazzled—we all were. Coming off of a spiritual high and jumping back into motherhood, moving, and deadlines was a messy business.

I snapped, I yelled, and I barked orders at the offspring—which didn’t help anything.

Hubby sent out an SOS to see if we could get help packing. And the angels came.

The first one came bringing food, for both lunch and dinner. Part of me wondered if I should feel guilty that she, a mother of four and pregnant, made us two meals in one day. But, she was glad to help and our tummies were glad too. We were fed by her kindness—body and soul.

The next angel came in the form of a high school graduate from our youth group. She diligently packed up our bathroom and the collection of sports jerseys that filled my husband’s side of the closet. She worked quietly and willingly—filling the back of our van with hanging clothes and filling our hearts with gratitude.

And then my sister-in-law, the latex-wearing worker, packed up most of the kitchen and brought her kids along to keep mine on task, or at least occupied. She worked heartily for the Lord and used her time to help lift our burden (see Colossians 3:23). Her willingness to help brought joy amidst our mess of boxes, mice droppings and maggots—don’t get me started on that.

Just when I thought we could not go on, these friends showed up.

Three angels, unaware of the depth of their ministry. Three sets of hands that inconvenienced themselves in order to relieve our stress. Their helping hands bolstered the faith of this weary woman. Their kind souls lifted our spirits and spurred us on, even when we felt we had nothing left to give.


We saw His hand as their hands packed, taped and lifted boxes

They moved us to worship the One from Whom we live, move and have our being (see Acts 17:28).

A simple act of service resulted in deep thankfulness as we were uplifted by their willingness to help.

Even when your everyday life turns upside down, attentive friends can turn it right-side up.

As trouble is shared, our outlook turns rosy, in hues of hope and overtones of love.

You find more strength when you lean into the strength of another. Let’s lean into His strength and ask Him for help with the task at hand.

“For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand;
it is I who say to you, ‘Fear not, I am the one who helps you.’” Isaiah 41:13.

With Gratitude,


Now it’s your turn: Has God helped you recently through the service or efforts of other people?



Katie M. Reid is a tightly wound woman, of the recovering perfectionist variety, who fumbles to receive and extend grace in everyday moments. She delights in her hubby, four children and their life in ministry. Through her writing, singing, speaking and photography she encourages others to find grace in the unraveling of life.

Connect with Katie at and on Twitter and Facebook

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Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

28 thoughts on “When Helping Hands Show Up

  1. Thanks for sharing this sweet guest post. It brings to mind how God has used His people to help & encourage me. So good to know we’re not alone on this journey! Blessings, Betsy & Katie!

  2. What a great story! You had me from the opening words. And I love these: “You find more strength when you lean into the strength of another. Let’s lean into His strength and ask Him for help with the task at hand.” Isn’t that such a perfect picture of the gospel? I think God sends “angels” to remind us that we were never meant to do anything in our own strength- but to rely on another source- Thanks for this encouragement today. Loved it!

    • Hi Karen! I try so often to do things on my own strength and it becomes quite a mess, but Jesus comes in (no gloves needed) when I finally ask Him to…I need to remember to ask Him for help first.

  3. I love how friends and family show up as our angels to remind us of the love they have for us and God has for us. Since I have just returned from the FMF retreat, I can say that being in community with women reminds us over and over that the presence of just being with others is such a gift. We worked side by side as we cooked meals together and cleaned up after they were finished. We listened well and gave each other the gift being present as time slowed down to allow us to learn each other’s stories. I’m praying that the transition you are going through continues to go smoothly and that you find God in the good, bad and difficult. Hugs to you!

  4. Hi Katie! Oh yes, it’s those moments when we see God work through others to lift our burdens and make the crazy moments of life a little easier. I think that’s why relationships and community are so important. When we pour into our friendships and relationships, we build bonds that see us through difficult times. People follow God’s leading to help us, and we in turn feel compelled to reach out to others and offer a helping hand. God is so awesome! Blessings today, friend.

  5. It never fails to amaze me how God sends just the right people at just the right time, each bearing their own giftedness that speaks to a great need in our lives.

    What a wonderful Savior!

    Thanks for sharing this story, Katie … and Betsy!

  6. I love it when Mom friends invite our family over and bless us with a meal and fellowship.

  7. Katie – I so relate to your word RIGHT NOW. I’m packing up my home in preparation for our move. Asking for help is ever so hard for me – I hate to be a burden. But, I’ve been so blessed by friends who offered it persistently. Not just a canned, “If you need help, call” but genuine, “I’m coming over at 2:00 to help” calls. I’ve been blessed by God’s kindness and the lesson that He’s been showing me – it’s not burden to invite willing hearts into our needs. Thanks for sharing, friend! And looking forward to more of your series, Betsy.

  8. I remember hearing someone talk of how to know if your friends are truly friends… ask them to give up a weekend to help you move! LOL! The ones who show up for that, will show up for anything! 😉 So thankful that He shows up in so many ways, in so much skin and bones! Great post!

  9. Katie, love this post. Isn’t it amazing when God brings angels to help us out! 🙂 SO MUCH THIS: “Even when your everyday life turns upside down, attentive friends can turn it right-side up.” All the yeses to that sentence.

  10. This made me smile today, thinking of all those angels and the way you gave us images of each one. What a blessing! I have a dear friend who will be moving soon, and I can see myself bringing boxes with tears and smiles all together cause I will miss her so but excited to see what God is doing for them.


  11. What an encouraging post this is, Katie! Such a beautiful example of the blessings we receive when we bear one another’s burdens. At least I often think that these ways to help that seem so small to me, do not matter; but this post has me changing my mind and my heart about that. Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Yes Katie God has used people to help us out too. I am also mindful to ‘pay attention’ to peoples burden in this same way.
    Thank you so much for this post Kathie and thanks Betsy for featuring her today.
    God Bless you both

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