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2 Simple Truths That Can Help You Overcome Discouragement


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The stranger at the door probably wondered if I had a few screws loose or just needed hormone therapy. I’d rushed to make dinner for my family, put on something cute, and drive 20 minutes to join a new ladies Bible study. When I rang the doorbell, a confused man answered the door.  The group was meeting somewhere else that night, but no one had let me know. The poor man looked even more confused when I started crying.

I overreacted, but the clincher was they’d changed the meeting night the week before without calling me, so I’d already missed the first study…

Have you ever gotten stuck in discouragement because one itty bitty thing sent you over the edge?

Follow this link to join me at Abby McDonald’s place where I’ll share how God turned this story around, as well as two simple truths that help me get past discouragement.

While you’re there, take a peek at Abby’s blog. Abby is one of the most talented writers I know, and her October series, “Living Life Unstuck,” will encourage you.

living life unstuck

Linking up with Holly Barrett’s #TestimonyTuesdayKelly Balarie’s #RaRalinkup,   Holley Gerth’s Coffee for your Heart, and Grace and Truth.  Check out these communities for more encouragement.

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Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

6 thoughts on “2 Simple Truths That Can Help You Overcome Discouragement

  1. Love this Betsy! I know what it’s like to get stuck, and the only things that ever get me unstuck is focusing on God’s truths and promises! Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing on the #RaRaLinkup!

  2. Great advice as always, Betsy! Love the practical, Biblical wisdom you continue to share here.

    If you have a moment, could you please e-mail me at joanna underscore choate at sil dot org? I forgot you guys were in Dallas for a little while and I would love to cross paths if possible (even if only for a cup of coffee!).

  3. God loves me, and I can trust Him. Oh what freedom we can find in those words. I would have been discouraged, too, Betsy. I love how you allowed God to teach you from that experience. Lovely post!!

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