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One Easy Way to Pray on the Go


One Easy Way to Pray on the Go

I give up on being a prayer warrior. I’m a prayer wimp. Can I just say that? During my morning times with God, I love reading and thinking about scripture. I journal and keep a gratitude list. When it comes to prayer, maybe I’m an ADD girl because I pray best when my legs are moving. I go on a morning walk with God. But even on that walk my mind often goes AWOL from the Holy of Holies and takes a hike to La La Land instead.

After that I’m on the go all day, and prayer goes out the window. I get distracted. (Home schooling can fry your brain.) I have a little prayer notebook, with a list of names for each day, but I lose it, for crying out loud! I forget about prayer altogether.  Definitely a wimp instead of a warrior.

I’ve given up striving.

Working in my own strength to pray “bigger and better” gets me nowhere. I’m learning to rest in Christ, accept God’s grace, and pray as I can. Briefly. I don’t have to work up any super spiritual, superwoman prayers. Instead, I can lift up simple sentences to God – when I remember – and trust that He knows my heart. I can let go of striving and accept Jesus’ invitation to relationship instead.

Prayer Opens the Door to Relationship

When my friend Kathryn Shirey gave me a copy of her new book Pray Deep, I was excited for an opportunity to grow. Pray Deep offers simple, practical encouragement to deepen our connection with God. The book reminds us that prayer is more about relationship with our Heavenly Father than about presenting our requests to get answers from Him. I found Kathryn’s ideas about praying through Scripture and listening to God especially refreshing and easy to try.


Keep Prayer Simple and Practical

Pray Deep takes readers on a 21 day journey exploring a different type of prayer each day. The sections are brief—perfect for ADD girls like me – and offer practical suggestions for simple conversation with God. Kathryn includes traditional prayer methods like praying with the Psalms or the Book of Common Prayer, as well as creative approaches like Prayer doodling and prayer through song.

One Easy Way to Pray on the Go

This book suggests an easy way to keep prayer on our radar during busy days. A prayer prompt is something we see or do that can serve as a reminder to pray. For example, Kathryn lives next to a helipad used by a local air ambulance crew. She and her kids make it a habit to pray for the helicopter anytime they see it away from its base. I like the idea of choosing to make prayer a habit that way.

Devote Yourselves to Prayer Scripture

I’ve chosen a few prayer prompts for myself:

  • Opening and closing the blinds: prayer for my husband
  • Folding clothes: prayer for my heart as I serve my family
  • Getting out of bed: prayer of praise to God.
  • Red traffic lights: prayers of thanksgiving.

Pray Deep encourages me that it’s okay to let go of being a super spiritual prayer warrior. I’ll settle instead for an invitation to real life, everyday conversation with Jesus instead.

Now it’s your turn: What is one way that you make prayer a part of your daily life?


Note: If you want to find out more about the book Pray Deep, follow this link to Kathryn Shirey’s site. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, and I receive no benefit from Kathryn in exchange.

Joining in with Suzanne Eller’s #livefreeThursday. Suzie’s prompt was “I give up.” Also linking with Thought Provoking Thursday, Grace and Truth,  Dance with Jesus, and Faith ‘n Friends.  Check out these communities for more encouragement.

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Author: betsydecruz

I want to enjoy the everyday life God is giving me as best I can, even when the road gets bumpy. I love having fun with my teenagers, learning almost anything, and drinking dark roast coffee with my friends.

30 thoughts on “One Easy Way to Pray on the Go

  1. Betsy … these prayer prompts are super! I get the feeling that once we start, the prompts will kick in, the prayers will flow, and our days will be more purposeful as we expectantly wait to see who God will bring to our hearts next!

    Sadly, it’s the seasons of grief or disaster or hitting bottom that kick us out of that prayer wimp mode and into high gear with God, right where we belong.

    Why do we wait til then?

    Good stuff here, friend!

    • I thought about that as I wrote this post, Linda. Those rock bottom times lead us to pour out our hearts to God. And I hope this didn’t seem “superficial,” but it’s really about the everyday kind of prayer that we often forget! I’m enjoying using prayer prompts.

  2. Right now I have several little prompts for myself. One that is working well is a simple rubber band on my desk at work. I have to move it around because it gets in my way – and that is its purpose. When I need to move it, it reminds me to pray. Simple, but very helpful. The book sounds like a worthwhile read. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Betsy, your first couple of lines reminding me of Max Lucado’s book on prayer, Before Amen, which starts by him saying he’s a self-professed prayer wimp. I loved his honesty. I often pray while going for walks, too. Kathryn’s book sounds fantastic and like you, I need some creativity to keep me focused. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved this post. Much like you, I do a lot of journaling, gratitude list, and reading my bible. I’m finding praying His word (the Psalms right now) really helps me focus my prayer time. And I’m learning to just stay in communication throughout the day. Loved the idea of cues to prompt us to pray for specific things. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, I love using scripture to pray too, Darcy. Feels kind awkward at first, but as I get into it, I enjoy it, and it gives me fuel for prayer! Staying in communication through the day is the hard part for me too!

  5. I’m almost finished with Pray Deep, and I also am finding Kathryn’s words to be so helpful in developing a mindset of prayer!

    • I found it to be simple, but thought-provoking, and it made more “lofty” prayer methods seem do-able!

      • Making prayer more approachable was my goal with these books. Prayer used to feel so foreign and forced, but I loved digging into the different methods as I researched and road-tested them. Glad you’re both finding something in it!

      • Yes I am, Kathryn. Enjoying trying new approaches. I love to break out of the routine once in a while with my quiet time and prayer time.

  6. I like your honest and real approach to prayer – you’ve brought the ‘discipline’ aspect of prayer into a sweeter focus around daily life. I’m a fan of taking the mystery out of conversations with God and going for the ‘at all times’ and ‘in every way’ – no rights or wrongs, just daily bread and nourishment. Thanks – I’m your neighbor at ThoughtProvokingThursdays. God bless you today!

  7. Love this, Betsy. Will be sharing with my online prayer group. 🙂

  8. Betsy, I have always loved your grace-filled, super-practical approach to the Christian life. This is another fine example. Thanks for sharing from your heart in ways that make us want to walk more deeply with Christ Jesus–and showing us how to do that. –geno

  9. Betsy, I like the prayer prompters. I kind of have my own set but i never thought of them that way.
    Pray Deep sounds like a good book. Thanks for letting us know. Blessing for your day my friend!

  10. We have a dear young friend who just left to be a Marine. His grandparents brought us a cup with the Corps logo on it. When I drink my coffee from it in the morning I say a prayer for his safety and spiritual growth.

  11. Love this, Betsy! (Also, I love your graphic – genius!) So many times we quit on prayer because we think we must be on our knees for an hour. What mom has time to get on her knees at all?! Praying as we go, all throughout the day is a must! I missed out on a lot of prayer when my kids were little simply because my standards were too high! Thank you for making this do-able, friend!

    • You are so right, Ruthie. We think we have to be on our knees an hour. Even with my kids grown, I still don’t have the time NOR THE ATTENTION to do that! We gotta keep things do-able. (Thanks for your encouragement about the graphic.) I actually doubted a lot about it and then thought, “enough already! just do it!”

  12. These are great, Betsy!! I love your openness and can so relate to the challenge. I can feel like a prayer wimp as well! The ways you are approaching change and the resources you suggest are terrific! Thanks!!


  13. Morning prayer with the boys on the way to school. It’s harder now with just one in the car. One used to lead in the Lords Prayer, another led the 23 Psalm – and then I would pray. I’m trying to revitalize an actual prayer time – but I often pray on the go – as I drive, as I come and go – as I walk – after all, He is right there with me all the time – why not talk to him?

    • That’s lovely. I know what you mean about it being harder with just one in the car. I’m praying together with my daughter after breakfast. Glad you are praying while you’re on the go!

  14. Pray like you’re conversing, because you’re communicating with God. 🙂
    Another great read.

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