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The Best Gift You Can Give

The very act of slowing down to be present is a gift to yourself and to the people you love.

I almost missed a significant conversation with my 18 year old son because of Downton Abby. (Can you believe it?) The only television show I watch all week was about to start, and we’d already been talking 10 minutes. So I said, “Well, I’ll let you go. Was there anything else you wanted to say?”

His answer surprised me.

He said, “My week wasn’t the greatest. Now that school started, I have loads of work, and you know David Bowie died.” Continue reading


Merry Christmas {The Best of Faith Spilling Over}

Advent Christmas Card Blog

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope and pray that you’ll enjoy a blessed holiday season with family and friends. May you find moments to stop, breath deep, and savor the wonder of Christ’s coming. If the holidays bring on loneliness or stress for you, may the presence of the Holy Spirit bring special comfort and joy.

I’ll be taking a blogging break to enjoy family time while my kids have vacation from school. We’re all excited to celebrate with both of my parents, my brothers, and their families for the first time in many years.

Thank you for reading my blog. I so appreciate the friends and community I’ve found in you. I pray that the day to day reality of Emmanuel will become more real to us in 2016.

Love, Betsy

I’ll start regular posting again on January 1st. Until then, here’s some of the best of Faith Spilling Over from 2015:

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If you're going through a dry spell when the Bible seems silent, here are 4 ways to wake up to the wonder of God's Word.

When You Want More out of Time with God

more out of time with God

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Glorious Purpose FB

Helping Your Husband Through Hard Times

Helping Your Husband Through Hard Times

4 Keys to a Closer Marriage

closer marriage

How to Zip Your Lip When It’s Out of Control

Rather than beating ourselves up and striving on our own to control our tongues, we need to get to the heart of the matter.

How to Be a More Joyful Wife

How to Be More Joyful Wife

When God Closes a Door

Melika door

How to Thrive in the Face of Challenge

how to thrive in the midst of challenge

My Story: How God Got Hold of This Texas Girl

PicMonkey Collage


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Reflecting on the Overwhelming Goodness of God

Reflecting on the overwhelming goodness of God

Sometimes I need to preach the Gospel truth to myself all over again. Because this brain of mine forgets God’s grace and goodness all too easily when things don’t turn out quite like I expect.

A few weeks ago, I jotted down the last items on my list and was out the door to make a grocery store run before we headed out of town to pick up our son from college for Thanksgiving. But I had a surprise waiting for me in the garage. The car wouldn’t start. Our only vehicle was deader than dead. Not even a click when I turned the key in the ignition.

My mind went off in a thousand directions.

Continue reading


When You Want to Hear God’s Voice

Advent In N Out Burger

Jesus said his sheep would hear His voice, and He spoke to me loud and clear at In-N-Out Burger last Sunday. Only I didn’t hear it because I was too wrapped up in trying animal fries for the first time.

Our family was taking a break from a dreary, rainy day road trip to get something quick to eat. Just as I doubtfully lifted an animal fry dripping with sauce and grilled onions, my son said, “Mom, look under your cup.”  And there it was printed plain as day in red letters: Continue reading


How to Shine More Brightly Over the Holidays

How to Shine More Brightly

Jesus called us the light of the world, but sometimes I’m too busy or wrapped up in myself to think much about shining. I was definitely not thinking about it last Friday night while I set my alarm to get up early the following morning to go deliver Thanksgiving meals to needy families.

Whose idea was it to sign up for this? Saturday is my only day to sleep in. I haven’t had a free Saturday in weeks.” My thoughts were spiraling downward when I sensed the Holy Spirit persuading me to pray instead:

“Lord, please help me have the right attitude in the morning. My time is yours, so help me to give it willingly.” Continue reading


Hope for When You Can’t Control Your Tongue

Hope for when you can't control your tongue

There’s a Salt Water Woman lurking inside of me, and she comes out at the darnedest times. Like last Saturday afternoon when we were driving around White Rock Lake looking for T.P. Hill. For an hour. Friends invited us to a picnic, but my husband, heaven help him, left the directions at home. The GPS went haywire, and we didn’t have the host’s phone number.

Salt Water Woman whined:  “It would have been great to get a phone number.” She used sarcasm: “Hopefully we’ll make it there by nightfall.”

I immediately regretted my words. You see, I don’t want to be a Salt Water Woman. I want to be a Fresh Water Woman. Continue reading


One Simple Way to Look More Like Jesus


I stood in the yard waiting for the ambulance. Light from the windows and door of our house flooded onto the dark lawn. It was 3:00 a.m., and I’d done what you’re supposed to do when your husband wakes you up to tell you he feels numbness and tingling down the entire left side of his body. I’d called 911.

I was doing the best I could to hold onto bravery.

The 911 team confirmed my fears. My husband was probably having a mini-stroke, but he was stable enough for me to drive him myself to the big regional medical center.

A half an hour later we walked into the ER, where they immediately ushered Jose into an emergency care room.  My courage started to crumble as I sat next to that hospital bed. Tears overflowed as worry set in.

Then Kindness walked into that emergency room.

Follow me over to Dayspring’s (in)courage to read the rest of my story about how simple kindness redeemed an unexpected hospital stay, and how you can look a little more like Jesus yourself.

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