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How to Cultivate a More Positive Attitude

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Have you had a case of the grumbles lately? Sometimes a negative attitude can hit you out of nowhere, can’t it?

Life is an amazing gift from God that should inspire gratitude. Yet some mornings we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and the day goes downhill from there. We grumble and complain. This may or may not have happened to me the week our garage door opener broke and my daughter’s computer crashed.

Our lives are a crazy mix of blessings and misfortunes, beautiful and hard woven together. Even on our best days, we don’t have to go far to find difficulty, but I don’t want to travel the road of life complaining about it. That ruins the ride for all the other passengers in my car, like my husband and kids.

Complaining zaps the contentment right out of my heart. So I want to get serious about waging war on the grumbles.

Today I’m guest posting for Sweet to the Soul. Follow me over there to read about waging war against the grumbles with 3 weapons.  And while you’re there, take a look around. My friend Jana Kennedy Spicer is an amazing graphic artist with a heart changed by God’s Word. You can also follow Sweet to the Soul on Facebook.

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When You Want to Say Yes, but It’s Hard


I want say “yes” to God and the life He’s giving me.  On the glory days, the smiling and laughing days, it’s easy. Like last Saturday when my sweet nieces and nephews made me smile while we played charades together at my daughter’s birthday party. The joy of everyone being together while we sang and she blew out the candles made my heart sing.  On days like that it’s easy and natural to whisper, “Yes! This is the life I want! Thank you, God.”

Other days, it’s harder to say, “Yes.”

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6 Wonderful Things I Learned on my August Crazy Train

August crazy train

Even when life turns into a crazy train, God never leaves us for a moment. August was a whirlwind.  My husband went to El Salvador for 3 weeks to see his mother before she went to heaven. My kids and I emptied two bedrooms in our house in Izmir for the people who will rent it nine months. We packed our suitcases, said our goodbyes, and flew to Dallas, where we rejoined Jose. Then we spent two weeks on the road before finally landing in Mesquite, Texas.

August was topsy turvy, but I learned a few things:

1. We Really CAN Do All Things Through Christ

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What To Do When Your Attitude Stinks

What to do when your attitude stinks.

When I read about gladness and joy in the Bible, some days I gulp hard because that is so “not me.” I’ve read that life is 90% attitude. I’ve written and spoken on the importance of choosing joy, but all that went out the window for a few hours last Saturday.

We were going to the beach, but I was NOT a happy camper. That just goes to show how much I need Jesus since I’m blessed to live on Turkey’s lovely Aegean coast. Continue reading