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How to Cultivate a Happy Heart? 3 Habits

When life sends trials our way, happy heart habits won’t make difficulties disappear. But they do help us cultivate a more positive attitude.

I really need to keep my glory glasses on tight. Rose colored shades help me see more clearly the beauty of God’s work around me.  All too often, I let gloom glasses blind me to God’s blessings.

You’ve probably worn gloom glasses before too. You know how those gray shades can cloud your vision.  One bad day makes you think your whole life is one crash and burn. You had a spat with your spouse, you’re out of dish washer detergent, and suddenly life looks terrible.

In a recent conversation, my 16 year old daughter suggested 6 habits for cultivating a happier heart. (The girl’s got a future as a life coach.) You can catch the first 3 in last week’s post, but now we’ll cover habits 4-6. Continue reading


What To Do When Your Attitude Stinks

What to do when your attitude stinks.

When I read about gladness and joy in the Bible, some days I gulp hard because that is so “not me.” I’ve read that life is 90% attitude. I’ve written and spoken on the importance of choosing joy, but all that went out the window for a few hours last Saturday.

We were going to the beach, but I was NOT a happy camper. That just goes to show how much I need Jesus since I’m blessed to live on Turkey’s lovely Aegean coast. Continue reading


When You Get a Wake-Up Call from God


When a simple headache suddenly became life-threatening, God gave me a wake-up call. Here are four ways to make the most of each day.When a simple headache suddenly became life-threatening, God gave me a wake-up call.

I was in the kitchen making lunch, when I realized I’d had the same nagging headache all morning. Absent mindedly I reached into the cabinet for some pain reliever and poured a glass of water. For some reason, the pill didn’t go down. When I coughed, it came back up and lodged in my windpipe. I couldn’t breathe. I tried coughing it out, but that pill didn’t budge. Continue reading