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How to Use the Bible to Grow Your Prayer Life

God's Word has power to fuel your prayer life. Here are 3 Ways to Pray Using the Bible, and a free printable, 6 Prayers From Scripture to Make Your Own.

Do you ever feel unsure of how to pray for someone you love? Have you ever gotten tired of praying the same things day in and day out? Does your mind wander while you’re trying to talk to God?

Friend, you’re not alone. I’m the queen of distraction, so I’ve experienced all of these. I want to grow closer to God and see lives changed through prayer, yet my mind can travel to the moon and back when I try to pray. That’s why I want to learn more about using God’s Word to fuel and focus my conversation with Him. Continue reading



One Easy Way to Pray on the Go

One Easy Way to Pray on the Go

I give up on being a prayer warrior. I’m a prayer wimp. Can I just say that? During my morning times with God, I love reading and thinking about scripture. I journal and keep a gratitude list. When it comes to prayer, maybe I’m an ADD girl because I pray best when my legs are moving. I go on a morning walk with God. But even on that walk my mind often goes AWOL from the Holy of Holies and takes a hike to La La Land instead. Continue reading