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The Best Way to Treasure God’s Word

What better way to treasure God’s words than to memorize them. Just 2 verses a month add up to 24 verses a year. That's a powerful deposit of treasure into our hearts.

What comes to your mind when you hear “Scripture Memory?” Do you roll your eyes and groan? Maybe the last thing you need is one more item to add to your “Good Bible Study Girl” To-Do list. I don’t mean to take a flippant attitude toward God’s Word, but sometimes we have thoughts like this, don’t we?

When it comes to memorizing scripture, many of us have been there and done that. We remember reciting our verses in Sunday school to get the candy. Some of us gave up on scripture memory a long time ago because we can’t remember our phone number, much less memorize a Bible verse! Yet memorizing God’s Word is one of the most important things we can do to grow our faith.

I definitely don’t need one more box to check off of any list, but sometimes I do need something better to think about than my own whining thoughts.  I need a way to take God’s Word with me when I go out into the world.  I need weapons to fight against the lies and discouragement that Satan throws my way. That’s why I’m going back to scripture memory.

Memorizing Scripture is a Life-Giving Discipline.

What better way to treasure God's Word Than to Memorize scripture

Memorization is a practical way to store scripture in our hearts, treasure it, and keep it close. God’s Word grows our faith and strengthens us in the battle against sin.

Committing God’s Word to memory brings rich rewards:

  • It helps transform our thoughts and renew our minds.
  • We grow closer to God as we hide His Word in our hearts.
  • God’s word empowers us and gives us wisdom.
  • Scripture is our weapon against the lies and attacks of the enemy.
  • It gives us encouragement and hope to share with others.

How to Get Started:

Keep a running list of encouraging, helpful, or challenging verses as you find them in your daily Bible reading or hear them in church. You’ll have a list to choose from when you want to start memorizing.

You’ll need something to write on. Index cards are great because you can slip them into your pocket while you’re on the go. I like to keep my verses in a little handy green notebook that fits in my purse. My friend Ellen Chauvin uses a spiral index card notebook that she can flip through and prop open. Use something small and portable, so you can take your verse out and read it during the day.

Getting Down to the Work of Memorization

  1. Read your verse 5 times out loud.
  2. Write it down.
  3. Try to say it 5 times from memory.
  4. The next day, read it 5 times, and say it from memory 5 times.
  5. Work on the same verse one or two weeks.
  6. When you start a new verse, review the last one several times a week.
  7. Once a week, review 3-5 old verses.

What better way to treasure God’s words than to memorize them? Scripture memory yields great rewards, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Keep it simple. How about starting this week with just one verse? Two verses a month add up to 24 verses a year, and that’s a powerful deposit of treasure into our hearts and minds.

What better way to treasure God’s words than to memorize them. Just 2 verses a month add up to 24 verses a year, and that's a powerful deposit of treasure into our hearts.

Now it’s your turn: Does the thought of memorizing scripture overwhelm you or encourage you? What has your experience been?

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