Faith Spilling Over… Into Everyday Life


How to Get More out of the Bible

We need the Word like we need water. Here are 10 ways to take hold of God's Word with all your heart.

Have you ever turned on a water faucet, but nothing came out? Back when my husband and I were newly married in El Salvador, our neighborhood had running water only one hour a day, at 3:00 a.m.! We’d set an alarm clock, and I’d start the washing machine while Jose filled plastic storage containers in the bathrooms. Then we’d fill a large sink on the patio next to the kitchen before going back to bed.

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Your Best Love Letter and Greatest Treasure

God’s Word speaks hope into our desperate moments and renews joy on our hard days.

Twenty five years ago I met a handsome, fun, committed Christian guy. Three days later I decided I’d marry him. I only had one problem. He got on a plane back to El Salvador, his home country, leaving me behind in Texas.

How were my guy and I going get to know each other? Back in the days before cell phones, internet and WhatsApp, talking on the telephone was expensive.

One day the mailman brought me a treasure: a letter from Jose! Excited beyond words, I ripped open the envelope only to find that I couldn’t read his handwriting. Like a spy working feverishly to crack a code, I spent an hour deciphering the letter. Continue reading