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How To Be a More Joyful Wife

How to Be More Joyful Wife

I try to put my best foot forward in other relationships, but my husband sees my worst side. I may have a cheery smile for everyone else, but all too often, Jose gets my tired leftovers: the stressed, whiny me or the preoccupied, distracted me.

I must need to have my head examined because I’m married to the most amazing man on the face of the earth. But when I’m not intentional about slowing down to appreciate him, our relationship turns ho-hum.

My marriage gets lost in the busy.

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4 Keys to a Closer Marriage

Commitment to investing in our marriages yields a great reward, the sweet companionship of a life-long partner who is our best friend.

Dad’s love for his wife Carole was not the kind people stand in lines to see on the big screen, but it was real nevertheless. Real love took coffee to his wife in bed every morning. Real love did the laundry and grocery shopping. Real love took Carole to the hospital and cared for her when she got too sick to care for herself.

“You never realize how strong the bond with your mate is until that person is gone.”

That’s what Dad said when he lost his wife of 30 years, and hearing it made both my husband and I gulp hard.

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Choosing Happily Ever After With Your Mate

choosing happily ever afterMy husband and I had such a stormy courtship that we almost didn’t get married. In fact, the same day that I bought my first wedding dress, we broke off our engagement, and I spent the next 24 hours sobbing on the couch. Unbelievably, after another three years of on-again, off-again long-distance relationship, we finally tied the knot, but I chose a different dress to go down the aisle!

The conflict we experienced while dating gave me a hint that couples don’t just live happily ever after with no effort. Sure enough, eighteen years later real married life isn’t quite as rosy as a fairy tale, but I’m still discovering that living happily ever after is something we choose by taking on the right attitudes. Continue reading

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Ways to Give More Than Just the Leftovers

family pic 2011Why is it so easy to let the relationships closest to you slide? If you’re like me, family members are the first ones you take for granted. Yesterday I wrote about Giving Your Marriage More than Just the Leftovers.

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Giving Your Marriage More Than Just the Leftovers

ImageWhen was the last time you sat down and had a great conversation with your spouse?

On the tail end of a week of stressful conflict, my husband and I recently had a memorable coffee date.  We had already spent enough time working through the hard issues, so our date was just for fun.  We sat in a pastry shop holding hot mugs, looking out at the cold winter day and sharing our plans, goals, and thoughts with each other. Our conversation spilled over into the rest of our week, and at different times we continued the dialogue: over dinner with the children, while doing dishes, or in the car.  This awakened in me all over again the delight of discovering my husband.

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