Faith Spilling Over… Into Everyday Life


When You Need a Promise of Hope

Jesus gives us a promise of hope for dark days, so let's stay close to the Light with these simple steps.

Back in the days when my children were small, an urgent voice would often wake me out of a dead sleep at night:


I’d jolt up, wondering what emergency brought my 5 year old daughter into the room to wake up her poor, exhausted mother. Was she sick? Was the house on fire?

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

I wanted so badly to say, “You woke me up for this?” Instead, I’d zip my lip, crowbar myself out of bed, and stagger down the hall to turn on the bathroom light. I knew Camilla wanted the security of my presence. She also wanted me to turn on that light because she was scared of the dark. Continue reading



How to Shine More Brightly Over the Holidays

How to Shine More Brightly

Jesus called us the light of the world, but sometimes I’m too busy or wrapped up in myself to think much about shining. I was definitely not thinking about it last Friday night while I set my alarm to get up early the following morning to go deliver Thanksgiving meals to needy families.

Whose idea was it to sign up for this? Saturday is my only day to sleep in. I haven’t had a free Saturday in weeks.” My thoughts were spiraling downward when I sensed the Holy Spirit persuading me to pray instead:

“Lord, please help me have the right attitude in the morning. My time is yours, so help me to give it willingly.” Continue reading


Shining Our Lights Brighter Over the Holidays

Shining Our Lights BrighterJesus called us the light of the world. He told us to let our light shine, but sometimes I’m too busy or too wrapped up in my own world to think much about shining.

My friend Debbie lets her light shine in a special way every Thursday at 12:30 in Austin, Texas. Through an elementary school mentoring program, Debbie has lunch with Susan, a little girl who lives with her grandmother because her mother died, and her father’s an unfit guardian. Continue reading