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One Surprisingly Simple Tip for a Better Marriage

One surprisingly simple tip that you can try for one week for a better marriage.A friend says that more couples divorce over the cap left off the toothpaste than for any other reason.  Her statement is personal opinion, but it makes an important point. We tend to blow little things out of proportion.

We’ve all read in the book of Proverbs about the Quarrelsome, Nagging Wife who’s like a drippy faucet. The poor Proverbs man would rather live in a desert than with her (21:19). Most women, including me, easily turn into a drippy faucet. Our husband brought home the wrong brand of detergent from the grocery store, and we let him know. Drip. We see the toilet seat left up, and we remind him one more time. Drip, drip, drip. Continue reading



Husband Driving You Crazy? Remember Why You Married Him

remember why you married him 1Do you remember that Prince Charming who enthralled you while you were dating him? Many wives find that at some point after the honeymoon, their Prince Charming mysteriously mutated into the most exasperating person they know.  A person with all kinds of irritating habits that drive them crazy: Continue reading


How to Have a Good Fight and Other Marriage Tips


My husband and I barely made it to the altar, but we're happily married today. Here's the best of what we've learned in 20 years, especially about conflict.This month my husband and I are celebrating twenty years of a marriage that almost didn’t happen.  His proposal to me was anything but romantic.  After four years of a stormy, long-distance relationship, I was at home crying.  We’d just said good-bye after a weekend of arguing, and I was convinced that our relationship was finally over. To my utter shock, Jose stopped by on his way to the airport. He rang the doorbell, kissed me, and shoved a ring on my finger. Continue reading