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The Most Important Thing Your Kids Need to Know

I want my kids to know God loves them, and I hope they'll follow Christ, but there's one more thing I want them to know no matter what.

“If we decided not to be Christians anymore, would we still be part of this family?” my son asked.

His question shocked me.

“Of course,” I said. “Dad and I would be sad, but we would always love you no matter what.”

The question opened the door to a great conversation about faith and family, but it shocked me for two reasons. I wondered if my son was actually contemplating a decision to reject Christianity. I also wondered if we had somehow conveyed that our love for him was conditional to his following Christ. Continue reading



What Does My Teen Girl Need From Me?

what does my teen girl need

When my kids were little, older parents scared me to death by saying, “You think it’s hard now? Wait ‘til they’re teens!” I wondered how I’d survive the teenage years, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. So far I’ve enjoyed this stage of parenting more than any other. Teenagers are fun. I can do yoga and cook with Camille. When I call home, Andres answers with his best Indian accent. “Taj Mahal Grill. How may I help you?”

Nevertheless, I see occasional fireworks, especially since I live under the same roof with a teen girl while going through pre-menopause myself. My girl and I both deal with hormones that spike and plummet. I’ve gotten better at crisis management, but some days I wonder what on earth I’m supposed to be doing.

Do you ever ask yourself, “What does my daughter need from me?”

Follow me over to my friend Kristine Brown’s blog to read about 3 ways to be a better mom to teens. I’m honored to be guest posting for Kristine today. If you asked my teenagers, they’d tell  you I’m no Supermom, but these are three things I’m trying to learn. I’d love to hear your ideas too.


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Teenagers: Living with a Loaded Fuse


Photo: Texas Co-op Power Magazine

When my kids were babies, I could hardly wait for them to grow up, so we could DO something together.  Working on art projects with my daughter and playing chess with my son thrilled me. Now that they’re adolescents, I’m having more fun with them than ever, but living with a teenager can be like having a loaded fuse in the house.

I still remember the first time my easy going, polite teenaged boy suddenly exploded.  It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I thought, “Who is this person? Can he be the same guy who was living here yesterday?” Continue reading