Faith Spilling Over… Into Everyday Life


Reflecting on the Overwhelming Goodness of God

Reflecting on the overwhelming goodness of God

Sometimes I need to preach the Gospel truth to myself all over again. Because this brain of mine forgets God’s grace and goodness all too easily when things don’t turn out quite like I expect.

A few weeks ago, I jotted down the last items on my list and was out the door to make a grocery store run before we headed out of town to pick up our son from college for Thanksgiving. But I had a surprise waiting for me in the garage. The car wouldn’t start. Our only vehicle was deader than dead. Not even a click when I turned the key in the ignition.

My mind went off in a thousand directions.

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30 Day Challenge: Reconnect to the Wonder of Life

30 day challenge reconnect to the wonder of life

When was the last time you felt awed by the wonder of life?

Believe me, awesome was not the first word that came to mind when an alarm went off at 2:00 a.m. in our living room. Three Loud Tweets every thirty seconds. Jose checked the smoke detectors. He tried to disarm a motion sensor, but it was electronically wired with no off switch. What was making that noise? An hour later, it continued. Three Loud Tweets. Every. Thirty. Seconds. Continue reading


Can a Broken Oven Ruin Thanksgiving?


Don’t you love those little snafus that crop up just when things seem to be running smoothly? They add spice to your life and provide you with opportunities to grow in patience, whether you want to or not!

Just when I was getting ready to enjoy Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year, my oven broke. I’ll have to wait until the repairman’s visit on Wednesday to find out if I’m going to be able to use it to bake turkey, dressing, dinner rolls, and 4 pies for 20 people on Thursday.

I’d love to say that I kept praising the Lord and giving thanks last night when I realized that the darned oven was not heating up. But the truth is, I almost blew a gasket. Continue reading


Choosing to Count His Kindnesses


Martha Stewart definitely does not live at my house. There are no picture perfect Thanksgiving decorations around here. I dragged Bob, our half-dead ficus, from the balcony to my living room to be this year’s Thanksgiving tree. I figure Bob may not make it through the winter, but at least he’ll have his moment of glory at Thanksgiving. Continue reading